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Bookmark: Ajax in Drupal 7

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Bookmark: Wildcards in IIS 7 on Server 2008

In particular a reader comment about setting the host name:

That * doesn't mean that is wild card certificate necessarily.

In IIS7 (on Windows 2008 R2), I saw missing hostname under 'Edit Site Binding' [your first screenshot]. That was the first SSL 443 website on that IIS server. The website was and I used internal certificate server to issue the certificate for that internal Dev / Test site.

  1. I resolved the missing Hostname by opening the MMC console on the server and adding Certificate MMC for Computer
  2. Expand Personal node under Certificates (Local Computer) on server
  3. Right click on the certificate in the list and choose properties
  4. Under General tab, change the 'Friendly Name' from to * and click OK
  5. Go to IIS Binding for the website and you should be able to add Hostname and pick the * certificate.
  6. Verify the website and you will see certificate in browser with the FQDN /
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Bookmark:Bypassing PowerShell Restricted Policies

This blog post saved me a ton of time doing trial and error when I needed to implement something in powershell but couldn't change the execution policy from the default restricted setting.

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Bookmarks: Freenas and ZFS Links

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Bookmark:StatsD and Graphite Links

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