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Happy Pumpkin

IMG_20141101_215819This pumpkin had wonderful tasting seeds, I'd have shared a picture of how yummy they looked but there all gone!

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Sending Video to Grandma and Grandpa Through KakaoTalk

Sending video of the first and only grandchild to grandma and grandpa is somewhat of a challenge. Internet access is the primary limitation which is currently 3G data through their recently acquired smartphones. I got them setup using the KakaoTalk chat app for easily sending pictures and text messages back and forth. Using it for video was limiting because high quality videos were too short and longer, low quality videos, weren't any good for anything besides sending through KakaoTalk.

After doing some experiments using Nero Record to down-size recorded HD video I found I could get over 3 minutes of decent quality video sent through KakaoTalk. This gave me the benefit of recording HD video for permanent record (i.e. burning to DVD) and being able to send a reasonably long video through KakaoTalk for easy access.

The following YouTube video is a walk through of the process.


Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day

sysadmin2014Happy System Administration Appreciate Day!

Be sure to thank the computer geek in your life who keeps all your digital bits flowing smoothly... or even if the bits don't flow smoothly at least show your sysadmin some sympathy.


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My General Opinion of the Debt Ceiling Crisis

At the time of this posting the United Stated Federal Government has been shut down for 14 days. This posting is my critical thinking about the debt ceiling crisis.

In my opinion, the news media is filled with stories about which political party is (or isn't) willing to negotiate about raising the debt ceiling and what could happen if the debt ceiling isn't raised. Regardless of political affiliations and opinions of who is to blame please ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you want defense for your state against foreign threats?
  2. Do you want protection of your personal liberties regardless of which state you live in?4
  3. Do you want adequate healthcare and social programs to help in times of trouble?

The answer to each of these questions is probably "Yes". Most people would agree they are all good ideas. As a matter of fact the first two are already provided as a mandate of the United States' Constitution. With these ideals in mind can this nation afford to use deficit spending to finance healthcare without putting our other priorities at risk?  I don't think so.

Healthcare is important, it must be accompanied by a fiscal plan to reduce debt and return our federal government to maintainable spending practices otherwise everything else the federal government stands for will be in continually jeopardy.



"Familiarity breeds contempt - and children."
-Mark Twain

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