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Review of Kindle Unlimited Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books with Audible Narration

This is my review of books available with Audible Narration in the Kindle Unlimited subscription program. I've been an Audible customer for several years and greatly enjoy the selection but it's too easy to burn through a credit each month when a good book is located. With Kindle Unlimited there is no monthly credit limit but the selection is more refined and I find it hard to locate desirable books. Below is a review of my favorite (and not so favorite) Sci-Fi and Fantasy books.

My Favorite Books

Frontlines by Marko Kloos - 6 Book Series

The books kept coming up as a recommendation but I kept putting them off thinking them to be a starship troopers genre space warfare series but I was pleasantly surprised to be disappointed. There were several good twists along the 6 book series and the level of detail was enough to be satisfying but not so much as to be boring. The story kept moving forward for a very satisfying listen.

The Origin Mystery by A. G. Riddle - 3 Book Series

If you like Clive Cussler style stories with adventure, mystery, and pseudo-history you'll enjoy this. It's a little slow to start with some seemingly unrelated events but as the story progresses it weaves into an epic science fiction adventure. It's an easy listen with plenty of interesting plot points without going overboard on inane detail.

Fight and Flight (Magic 2.0 Book 4) by Scott Meyer

I had listened to the other books in this series and was pleased to continue listening to the series without wasting an audible credit. I started to get a little tired of the series since it didn't seem that the universe established by the book was fully realized. The characters enter into interesting and funny situations and there were more than a few laughs but I always thought the premise of the book could lead to even more interesting adventures. Regardless of my opinion it's an interesting and fun listen.

Books I Enjoyed

The Hobbit (Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien

Finding the audible version of this was a pleasant surprise. It's an entertaining listen and interesting story but a little slow at times.

Books that I'm Undecided On

The Kingfountain Series Book by Jeff Wheeler

I didn't really give this a fair chance but the plot and beginning just didn't grip me and came across as stereotypical. I might give this another try since I didn't make it more than an hour or so into the book.

The Hundreth Queen Series by Emily R. King

Similar to the Kingsfountain book I had trouble getting interesting in the plot and it seemed a bit stereotypical. I don't think I gave the book a fair chance before getting bored and moving on.

Atopia Series by Matthew Mather

I really wanted to like this and made it more than halfway through the first book but between jumping around the different and seemingly disparate characters I got lost and confused. This is hard science fiction that explores some interesting ideas about the future and was very interesting but I just couldn't get into it.

Books I Didn't Like

The Evermen Saga by James Maxwell - 4 Book Series

After about 2 hours of listening I decided to move on. The book was well written but slow moving with too much detail to take in. There are some interesting points that I liked but in the end, it didn't hold my interest to finish.

The Endarian Prophecy by Richard Phillips

The book started out interesting and kept my attention for about 4 hours but seemed to get bogged down in pointless details that didn't keep the plot moving forward so I gave up and moved along.

The Fracture Worlds Book by Adam Burch

I wanted to like this book but it was hard science fiction and while the environments tried to be unique and the characters interesting I found everything somehow ordinary and didn't get hooked on the plot line. I only listened to 5 hours of the first book before giving up.

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