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RegEx To Find Lines Containing Text and Exclude Matches Containing Text


This is an example of how to do a find in files with PhpStorm or WebStorm but exclude lines matching a specific string.

For example, give this code below, we want to find all lines that contain the but do not also contain the string 'some_variable'

$my_url = variable_get("some_variable", "");
$my_url = '';

The RegEx pattern will find all lines that contain the URL but exclude the lines with the specified text:


This should work in any JetBrains editor which supports Java regular expressions.

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Bookmark – GIT Remove files with wrong line endings

1) Remove every file from Git's index.

git rm --cached -r .

2) Rewrite the Git index to pick up all the new line endings.

git reset --hard

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Rescan For Disks Without Rebooting

for host in /sys/class/scsi_host/*; do echo "- - -" | sudo tee $host/scan; ls /dev/sd* ; done


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2020-07-14 Letter Pictures




Picture of the gate with the broken gate post propped up prior to my repair




Lakeshore tree on my property that was cut with a chainsaw



Repaired gate with wire latch

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AlterGame Series by Andrew Novak

This trilogy is interesting without getting bogged down into needless details or world-building. I originally passed over this because the description and titles seemed like cheap mass-produced fiction but I found the storyline to progress quickly and remain entertaining until the end. I would like to listen to this again sometime.