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Space Marines, March!

Getting back to our regular game schedule was like a breath of fresh air. WO did clean the place and everything smelled like disinfectant but that wasn't what I meant!

Space Crusade was the game this week. It is a vintage game that was never published in the United States. BE found a copy on eBay sent to him all the way from Australia. According to BE Doom the board game draws its roots from the game. 1 Player is the enemy faction and 3 other people are the marines. Each person has a squad with different weapons and abilities. As you move through the cenario on the board aliens and enemy figures are revealed that you either engage in ranged or close combat. Running away IS an option but the board is limited.  Rules are fairly simple and the combat die rolls are low. More than half the defense and attack rolls were misses.

The first game we played was a proving ground to get our feet wet. WO and I controlled the yellow set of marines, CC was red/brown, MR and JK blue. BE was the enemy horde that would spawn on the board. Everyone had some decent action the first game. WO and I had some really good rolls even though our option cards were poorly choosen. The objective everyone faced was to find and destroy the dreadnought. It just so happens that it was hidden in a room by our air lock. We engaged it in close combat with our comander to foul up its ability to shoot ranged weapons only to luck out and simply kill it with close combat! Wahoo. Rank up!

We played another game but things only went down hill. The objective was to find and destroy one of the enemy figs. MR and JK stumbled onto the deadnought on the first move out of the airlock. As things turned out they were able to destory it in close combat with a melta grenda. Yikes, rank one up for them. The dreadnought is the strongest, highest point value unit for the enemy but it just so happens that we lucked out. The mission wasn't over... yet.

WO and I went into one of the rooms that was within one turn distance from our airlock. Low and behold the enemy commander was there with a group of baddies. We killed the commander to complete the mission but failed at taking out the rest of the units. Fortunately BE was rolling bad too. By the 3rd turn we decided to hightail back to the airlock and finish the mission. We were both tired so a quick game was welcome.

All in all it was a good night and Space Crusade was a decent game. There was plenty of bakery, corn chips, and pop to go around and sooth any wounded space marines.

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