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We Fall Down…

Driving in the country with the windows down listening and singing to my favorite music is so releasing. Lately I've had the desire to try out a convertible car. I can't recall ever having ridden in one and I think it would be wonderful on a beautiful summer day like today.
Anyhow, back to the point. I was driving in the country listening to "We Fall Down" as performed by Kutless. As I sang and thought about what the lyrics meant to me I drove past eight 1990's era Corvette convertibles in the oncoming lane. It caught my attention that everyone in the procession looked to be over 60 years old. How foolish it would be to wish I could be in their position if it meant giving up the wonderful memory of singing praises while driving down the road with the windows down in a less than sporty vehicle.

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  1. Just remember being in a Corvette or a jalopy the experience is the same ! The ole farts ( I’m almost there ! ) in thier Vetts where probably concentrating on how cool they looked and totally missed the scenery and the beautiful day ! They have the cars , you had a spiritual moment ! Who’s better off ?

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