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More windsurfing adventures

To my dismay I still don't have a decent picture of me, or the windsurfing board.  Sunday turned out to be an interesting windsurfing day. The wind was blowing and partly gusty. The lake was also churned up with 1 - 2' waves. Getting up wasn't a problem but I found it hard to move. I think most of the momentum was being snatched away by the waves.

I loosened the rope holding the sail to the boom. It made more of a pocket for the wind to blow over. This helped a lot but made it harder to snap the sail when I wanted to reverse course.

The strong wind also gave me some practice going down wind. Unfortunately the waves made it very VERY hard to steady the board, even with the dagger fin down.

This outing taught me that a consistent wind is better than a gusty wind and that waves over 2' aren't any fun.

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