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Wind surfing part two…

Part one was never written. In a nutshell the situation is this. Over the 4th of July weekend I was introduced to windsurfing by some friends. The experience was exhilarating considering the limited wind and training.

This weekend I made it out again only the weather was better. The lake was fairly flat and the breeze was coming from the west. It gusted occasionally and there were a couple times where I was really moving along. Up hauling and steading myself don't seem to be a problem anymore. I had some good runs tacking into the wind in either direction. The real problem I faced was sailing away from the wind back to my starting point. I tried until the point of frustration trying to get the sail position and the balance down. I'm not sure yet what the missing part is.

Sorry, no pictures worth showing. But if you want, check out these YouTube clips.

Sorry, one more just to push the limits.

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