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Blueberries, Blackberries, Strawberries, Raspberries…. and a Kiwi

In recent months cooking hasn't been high on my project list. Too many wonderful adventures have distracted me from taking time to cook and lack of an oven has put a damper on the options available.  When asked to prepare a dessert for a lunch party on a spring Sunday afternoon I had to stop and think about what was in my repertoire of recipes that fit the occasion.

So with a little imagination the combination of fresh berries came into mind, especially after seeing the raspberries for sale. Who can resist buying fresh, plump, soft, and choice looking raspberries from the grocery store?

Oh, and did I forget to mention the strawberry was hand dipped in chocolate?

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Weekend Cooking Project 041809


Found this recipe in a cook book while waiting in line at the grocery store. The slaw on top of the pork created a nice contrast. The fresh wheat bun was soft and sweet like only bread can be. There was no barbeque sauce in the dish. The meat was cooked in a combination tomatoes puree with chunks, mustard, and something else I can’t remember. The left over portion heated up well and provided two days lunch!

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Christmas Goodies December 08

Cooking time has been rather elusive lately. Probably because I've only been unpacking the kitchen one utensil at a time as it is needed. By now I have enough items unpacked to actually make something useful. I tried two new recipes below.

Walnut and Brown-sugar Rugelach

The dessert turned out well, it is a tasty little finger food that would be good for parties. A couple notes to self, don't skimp on the brown sugar and don't bake in on the wax paper *doh*

Hot Chocolate Cake

I can't find a link for the recipe but there isn't much to report. It didn't turn out well. The batter was hard to make and I baked it in a container that was too big so I couldn't layer the hot chocolate mix properly. Even if the container it was the right size the idea of packing hot chocolate into a cake doesn't turn out well. If the cake could be more moist or creamy then the hot chocolate mix would be scrumptious.

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