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Gmail, Thanks for the Encouragement

The AOL "You've Got Mail!" jingle became famous for adding excitement to the anticipation of reading new messages.

If Google emphasizes the fact you don't have any messages what does that mean? Here are a couple possible ideas:

  • "You found the bottom of your inbox, maybe you aren't as popular as you thought. Here is a little encouragement!"
  • "Good for you, it's only the elite few who actually read all their messages."
  • "No no, really, there are no more messages, go back to your life, more messages are bound to come in."
  • "... now that you've read all the messages in your inbox you can start on your spam folder!"



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Go For The Easy Button

Lego Man, Quick! Defend the easy button!

If they reach it anything they set out to do will be too easy! The safety of the network and the entire world rests in your green little hands.

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You’re Like Me… But Taller

Looks like Cat5 Critters come in more than one variety. I better keep an eye on this one, not only does it have  AT-AT legs but a nose too!

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Technological Side Effect Invades

The classic sci-fi movies of the 60's and 70's should have taught the populace at least two things. First, future technology will be wonderful and good for all mankind. Second, something always goes wrong and creates an equally spectacular problem. Information Technology may not be a hard science like bio-engineering, partical physics, astrophysics, etc but occasionally something accidentally gets created that is both interesting and terrifying.

The Cat5 critter in the picture above crawled out of the computer lab. It's intentions were unknown and like any sane character it had to be quelled. It wasn't alone, several organic life forms followed it. Presumably to launch a broader attack on critical systems. Fortunately the army was able to step in and halt the advance. As of 0600 hours the situation remains gridlocked.


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Star Wars Subway Car?! Call Me Luke!

Lucky thing I wasn't there because I'd have rescued Leia. Of course, if I did that I'd rather be Han Solo because... well, yeah.

All I've seen on the subway is a violinist and some awesome break dancers.

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