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Brain Plasticity

Removing a diseased portion of the brain and allowing the remaining healthy portion to adapt is amazing.



Books Before Bed – February Part 2

  • ABC for you and me by EF Girnis
  • How many blue birds flew away? : a counting book with a difference by EF Giganti
  • How many sharks in the bath? by EF Gillham
  • I spy on the farm by EF Gibbs
  • I've got an elephant by EF Ginkel
  • Let me do it! by EF Gibala-Broxholm
  • Molly's family by PARENT SHELF EF Garden
  • Mom's having a baby by EF Gikow
  • The present by EF GILL
  • The spring hat by EF Gill

Books Before Bed – February

  • Barnyard slam by EF Regan
  • Bike on, Bear! by EF Liu
  • Captain Barnacle's aquarium by EF Miller
  • Curious George learns the alphabet by EF REY
  • The fun book of scary stuff by EF Jenkins
  • It's tough to lose your balloon by EF Krosoczka
  • Kittens! Kittens! Kittens! by EF Meyers
  • Little tree by EF Long
  • Three stories you can read to your cat by EASY CHAPTER EF Miller
  • Tough chicks by EF Meng

One Little Foot In Front of the Other

In the blink of an eye my child went from crawling down the steps to holding my hand and walking down one step for each stride.


Podcast Pleasures

Set it and forget things that continue to work long after setup always warm my heart just  a little. For example, when BeyondPod loads my favorite podcast, Stuff You Missed in History Class, for my Wednesday morning drive.